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Introduction—the general theory

The section focuses on the key concepts underlying the IsSettled digital solution, which provides a universal way to move payment information and the Value of various assets for real-time funds transfer based on a modern approach to financial market infrastructure.


Today’s global payment infrastructure moves money from one system to another through a series of internal transfers between financial institutions; as these transfers occur across systems with little coordination, the settlement of funds is slow. High exchange rates and fees, unexpected processing fees, poor payment progress visibility, and high requirements create financial barriers and hinder an exceptional user experience.

Rapid payment systems, central bank digital currencies, the impending conversion to the ISO 20022 messaging standard, and the gradual extension of the settlement clock to a 24x7x365 cycle—create a new environment for financial institutions that need to rethink their existing payment strategy and infrastructure to remain relevant.

Changing market trends and a 5% annual increase in the overall global flow of cross-border payments have led to new players changing the nature and internal dynamics of the market, along with the changing needs of individual consumers and businesses who expect payments to be made immediately, transparently, and efficiently.

IsSettled offers market participants a more modern, fast, and transparent way to process payments of any size without using an intermediary bank and by applying new Settlement Methods. The system provides Members with a stable payment channel with bilateral consistency, and instant finality of settlements helps facilitate cross-border settlements with compliance with regulatory requirements and control at each level.

Settlement Methods Characteristics

DescriptionDigital Settlement ObligationTokenized AssetCentral Bank Digital CurrencyCryptocurrency
Funds Availability to the BeneficiaryInstantly.Instantly.Instantly.Instantly.
Interbank Settlements SpeedVary: up to 1 settlement cycle.Under 25 seconds.Under 25 seconds.Vary.
Interbank Settlements ComplexityAverage: interbank settlement outside IsSettled.Simple: interbank settlement within IsSettled.Simple: interbank settlement within IsSettled.Complex: interbank settlement outside IsSettled.
LiquidityHigh: supported by pre-funding of Nostro accounts, netting agreements, or credit agreements between Members.High: the DSA Asset can be exchanged for non-cash or cash.Extremely high.Low.
RiskCounterparty risk.Solvency risk.No.Price volatility: liquidity risk.
IssuerMarket Maker Member (Financial Institution).Tokenizer (Systemically Important Bank).Tokenizer (Central Bank).Tokenizer (Financial Institution/Fintech Company).
FeaturesDeferred settlements and prefunding.Instant settlements.Instant settlements.Vary.
Page last updated: 17 January 2024